[Ensemble Stars] TRICK with TREAT!! (with UNDEAD)

TRICK with TREAT!! (with UNDEAD)

Album:  Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 3rd Volume – 2wink
Vocals: 2wink (Aoi Hinata & Aoi Yuuta: Saitou Souma) & UNDEAD (Sakuma Rei: Masuda Toshiki; Hakaze Kaoru: Hosogai Kei Oogami Koga: Ono Yuuki; Otogari Adonis: Hatano Wataru)
Lyrics: Matsui Youhei
Composition: Satoru Kuwabara

Thank you Norm for helping me with editing and proofreading!

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[Ensemble Stars] Hash+Tag Interview with UNDEAD

undead hashtag.png

I’m deeply sorry about the lack of content in the past monthes. I’m not focusing on blogs right now, so I can’t promise anything. Really sorry!

Anyway, this is an interview taken from a special extra magazine form B’s-LOG: Hash+Tag. Thank you Billy  for the scans! I am sorry for any mistakes (I got too embarrassed translating this-) Also, thank you Kota for helping me!

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[Review] Un:BIRTHDAY SONG ~Ai wo Utau Shinigami~


Company: Honeybee
Release Date: 03/27/2015

In a certain day, a high school girl called Kanno Hotori is visited by two Shinigamis, called “Zen” and “Rikka”. They tell her they’ve come to take her soul in 30 days. Since there have been many people coming to the Netherworld, the elite shinigamis made a program in where now they’ll have to take care of their target for 30 days and make sure they’ll die without any regrets.

Now, in order to not let their target, Hotori, die with any regrets, they’ll have now to help her in confessing to the guy who she loves– Hayasaka Shizuru. And there’s also a problem concerning a Shinigami who left the Netherworld without permission and is killing other shinigamis: Sora…


Spoilers ahead! Jump to the art section if you don’t want spoilers!
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